We are proud to have established strong partnerships with our valued clients and have successfully served over 100 satisfied customers across the globe.

Multi-Workspace Functionality

Efficiently manage multiple workspaces tailored to distinct companies for enhanced organizational control and flexibility.

Grow Your Business with AI-Powered ERP & CRM solutions

Supercharge Your Business with AI-Powered ERP & CRM Solution - Get Started With AI-Powered ERP & CRM Solution!

24/7 Support

Reliable, Around-the-Clock Support - Just a Click Away!

Premium Add-ons Customization

Effortlessly enhance your business with our tailor-made Premium Add-ons, perfectly integrated to suit your unique needs.

Unified User Registration

Simplify user management by effortlessly registering a singular user for multiple companies and roles using a single email.

Robust Accounting Management

Masterfully handle clients, suppliers, financial transactions, revenue, and expenditures, while generating illuminating analyses.

Holistic HR Management

"Effortlessly enhance HR efficiency with our all-inclusive suite of employee management, payroll processing, leave tracking, event coordination, document management, and company policy administration."

Efficient CRM Tools

"Efficiently cultivate leads, close lucrative deals, and utilize insightful reports to elevate the art of customer relationship management."

Integrated POS System

Effortlessly manages warehouse operations, purchases, POS transactions, and point-of-sale orders with seamless precision.

Messenger Module

Elevate platform interactions with a seamlessly integrated messenger module, fostering effortless communication among users.

AI-Powered ERP & CRM Solution

Unlock the Potential of Your Business with AI-Powered ERP & CRM Solution!

Flexible Payment Methods

With over 20 diverse payment gateways at your disposal, including the likes of Stripe, Paypal, Paystack, and more, any of our plans can be easily settled. From trusted names like Flutterwave and Razorpay to popular options like Paytm and Mollie, the possibilities for seamless payments are endless. With options like CoinGate, Paymentwall, and SSPay, we've got you covered no matter your preferred method. Choose from a range of secure payment gateways such as ToyyibPay, PayTabs, and Iyzipay, or opt for convenience with Payfast, Benefit, and Cashfree. Whatever your choice, rest assured that our partnership with reliable providers like AamarPay and PayTR will ensure a smooth and stress-free transaction process.

What sets dedicated modules apart as the perfect fit for Your Business?

With Dashes.App, managing your business functions has never been easier. This innovative ERP & CRM solution offers a multi-workspace feature that allows you to handle all aspects of your company from one convenient location. Plus, with its flexible cloud-based SaaS model, it provides tailored management for your specific business needs. The platform also supports multi-addons, giving you the ability to customize the system with extra modules that cater to your unique requirements. This comprehensive approach promotes seamless collaboration, efficient data management, and optimized processes, resulting in increased productivity and improved operational efficiency for your organization.


Account Helps You Simplify Your Accounting and Billing

Streamline your billing and accounting effortlessly! Set financial objectives and watch as our system tracks them for you, handles tax automation, and beyond - all without you lifting a finger.

Simplify Your Accounting and Billing

Transform your bookkeeping into a breeze and effortlessly track your finances. Set financial targets and watch them thrive with automated tax handling and other convenient features - all without any effort on your part.

Take Control Of Your Inventory

Streamline your inventory management process and reclaim valuable time with just a few clicks. Effortlessly curate categories and seamlessly add products to them. Take control of your pricing strategy by easily adjusting product prices, assigning SKUs, and setting varying tax rates. With endless possibilities, the possibilities are endless!

Take Your Project from Proposal to Payment

Revolutionize your client acquisition game with lightning-fast results. Utilize proposal templates to impress and secure future partnerships. Seamlessly convert accepted proposals into payable invoices, while effortlessly sending reminders and receiving prompt payment - all within a single, streamlined platform!


Everything You Need For a Successful HRM - In One Place

With this innovative feature, companies can effortlessly keep track of their employees' personal, company, and Bank information, as well as their crucial documents. Plus, employees have the power to access and control their own profiles.

Manage Key Employee Matters Easily

Empower your organization by creating individualized profiles for each employee, effortlessly tracking their crucial details and staying up-to-date with a few simple clicks. Effortlessly gather and assess valuable feedback on their performance, including any red flags raised by their managers or colleagues.

Help Your Employees Become More Productive

Transform your team into unstoppable dynamos with our innovative approach to employee development. Effortlessly schedule dynamic skills training sessions and keep a close eye on expenses while witnessing your employees flourish in their roles. Elevate productivity to new heights with personalized KPIs, monitoring performance and offering constructive feedback to drive towards achieving company objectives.

Manage Payroll in Just a Few Clicks

Reward your dedicated employees for their diligent efforts. Maintain detailed records of all workforce expenses, transfers, deposits, and other employee-related transactions for future use. Monitor employee attendance and overtime to guarantee equitable remuneration for their valuable contributions.


Easily manage all your projects and keep your business growing.

Are you leading a powerhouse team or juggling multiple projects at once? Maximize productivity by prioritizing tasks and creating personalized workspaces with our built-in permission system to streamline core projects. Keep your team on track and eliminate confusion by always providing clear focus.

Kanban Task Management

From streamlining your daily to-do list to satisfying your love for Kanban boards, crafting detailed Gantt Charts to effortlessly managing projects - Our Tasks module has all your task-tracking needs covered.

Creating milestones and assigning subtasks

Enhance your project by adding a new task and prioritizing it based on its level of urgency. Delegate the task to your team members and establish a deadline for timely completion. Increase efficiency by adding comments and creating sub-tasks. Don't forget to attach any essential files to the task.

Bugs Resolution

Generate fresh issues and allocate users and importance levels to them. Utilize the text box to leave a detailed note for the bug's description. Transform the status of each bug effortlessly with our intuitive drop-down and Kanban drag-and-drop mechanism.


Manage Your Leads Better. Convert Faster.

Take your sales to new heights with the ultimate lead management tool. Uncover the true worth of leads and effortlessly cultivate promising opportunities. Gain crystal-clear action plans and elevate your decision-making game.

Manage All Your Leads Under One Roof

Elevate your business to new heights by effortlessly managing clients, users, and deals from anywhere, all within one convenient tab. Explore a plethora of powerful features, visualize your data in stunning graphics, and take decisive action with confidence.

Cost-Efficient Lead Management

Increase your business productivity by saving funds and mastering time management. Unleash the power of automation to elevate your lead management and skyrocket your sales, effortlessly.

Get Tailored Reports

Effortlessly track and analyze every facet of your business with a user-friendly interface. Uncover valuable insights that drive successful sales, while effortlessly organizing your leads and deals with a seamless drag-and-drop system.


Ease in maintaining customer and vendor details

Experience the convenience of creating and organizing customer and vendor data with POS. Our user-friendly format provides seamless access to all vital information for a streamlined experience.

Manage vital information from one dashboard

Maintain control over your overall and monthly expenditures and revenues with ease. Empower yourself with a dynamic graph showcasing your purchasing and selling trends for well-informed choices. Keep track of your branch performance, stay organized with to-do lists, and stay ahead with event calendars.

Set your sales targets and achieve them faster

Maximize your success with dynamic sales targets, effortlessly tracked on your personalized dashboard. Eliminate unnecessary expenses by leveraging the expense list, freeing up resources to propel you towards exceeding your sales goals.

Manage your products with ease

Say goodbye to the days of worrying about inventory management! Our POS module is here to simplify the process with the ability to effortlessly create products and customize their brand, category, unit, and tax rate. Plus, you have the power to update product descriptions, images, and pricing at your convenience. Say hello to stress-free inventory control with our POS module!.


Built with Technology You Can Trust

Our backend is built with latest technology and protected by reputated provider. Find out why we chose it - and how it benefits your business.

Your information is safe with us!

Our server, data and website are fully safeguarded by Imunify 360, a comprehensive security suite specifically designed for Linux web servers. With this advanced protection system in place, we can ensure the utmost security for our valuable data and website, giving..

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Your Data is safe with our reliable backup solution!

Our website is powered by a highly efficient Raid 1 server, ensuring maximum reliability and data protection. With the mirroring of all data to a backup drive in real time, we can guarantee uninterrupted service for our users. Additionally, we have

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Enhancing Website Security

At our website, we take the security and protection of our visitors very seriously. That is why we have partnered with Coalitioninc, a leading cybersecurity company, to monitor and safeguard our website against potential cyber attacks

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Keeping Your Data Secure

Our website and connection are protected by SSL, ensuring the highest level of security for our users. This means that any information shared between our website and your device is encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties. You ca..

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AI-Powered ERP & CRM Solution

Unlock Your Business Potential With AI-Powered ERP & CRM Solution - Guaranteed to Grow Your Business!

Unlock the full potential of your business with our cutting-edge AI-powered ERP and CRM solution. Our guaranteed solution is designed to enhance your business growth by streamlining processes, automating tasks, and providing valuable insights through advanced artificial intelligence technology. With our solution, you can expect increased efficiency, improved customer relationships, and ultimately, a significant boost in your bottom line. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your business to new heights with our powerful AI-driven solution.

Boost Your Business

Achieve More with Easily Managed Projects - Take Control of Your Business Today!

If you're looking to take your business to the next level, easily managed projects are the key to success. By taking control of your business today and implementing efficient project management strategies, you can achieve more than ever before. With streamlined processes and clear communication, you'll be able to maximize productivity and reach your goals in a timely manner. Don't let disorganized projects hold your business back any longer - it's time to take charge and see just how much you can accomplish.

Managing multiple workspaces and business processes can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Juggling different companies, roles, and tasks can lead to confusion and inefficiency.

Streamline your business operations with Dashes.App's AI-powered ERP & CRM solutions. Our comprehensive modules, visually engaging dashboards, and granular roles and permissions will simplify your workflow and enhance organizational control. With features like multi-workspace functionality, premium add-ons customization, and unified user registration, you'll experience flexibility and efficiency like never before. Say goodbye to the pain of managing your business and embrace a streamlined solution with Dashes.App.

Grow Your Business Instantly With AI-Powered ERP & CRM Solution!

Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Look no further! Our AI-powered ERP & CRM solution is guaranteed to unlock your business potential and help it grow. With advanced technology and seamless integration, our solution streamlines processes and improves efficiency. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to data-driven decisions. From managing customer relationships to optimizing operations, our solution has got you covered. Don't miss out on this opportunity to propel your business forward with AI. Try it now and see the results for yourself!

Supercharge Your Lead Conversion! Try Manage Your Leads Better. Convert Faster Today!

Are you looking to take your lead conversion to the next level? Look no further! With Manage Your Leads Better, you can supercharge your lead conversion and convert faster than ever before. Our efficient lead management system streamlines the process and helps you stay on top of all your potential leads. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a higher conversion rate. Don't wait any longer, try Manage Your Leads Better today and see the results for yourself!

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Streamline Your Business Management - Easily Maintain Customer and Vendor Details!

Managing a business can be a complex and overwhelming task, but with the right tools and strategies, it can become much more efficient and streamlined. With our easy-to-use platform, you can now easily maintain all your customer and vendor details in one place. Say goodbye to scattered information and endless paperwork – our system will help you stay organized and on top of your business management. From contact information to transaction history, everything you need is just a click away. Streamline your processes and focus on growing your business with our seamless customer and vendor management solution.

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Take Control of Your Finances! Try Account Today to Streamline Your Accounting and Billing

Are you tired of juggling multiple financial accounts and struggling to keep track of your expenses? Look no further! With Dashes.App Today, you can take control of your finances and streamline your accounting and billing processes. Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily manage all your accounts in one place, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual calculations and let Account Today do the work for you. Sign up now and start managing your finances with ease!

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